Posted on Sun, 29 Apr 2007 by KiM

My boyfriend Jeff works for Fuel Industries, an advergaming and web design company, that employs some VERY talented and creative people. They recently relocated into a former bra factory in one of my favourite parts of Ottawa. The space, while still a work in progress, has me totally jealous that I’m stuck in a vomit-worthy cubicle all day. Jeff took me there yesterday so I could take photos of some of the very cool finishes and furnishings.

The picture to the right is of the front desk. It’s supported
by a cement block and a steel beam.

The artwork below, by Calin Huianu, I LOVE.

The boardroom is filled with chairs like the one above,
so no table is needed.

When your name is Fuel, a gas pump is a MUST.

julia says:

You had told me it was cool but I had NO idea it was THAT cool!!!

kim. says:

Tell me about it. I HATE going to work after going to Fuel. Reminds me how gross my hospital green cubicle walls with clashing blue carpeted floors are. I should get some fabric and attach it all over my cubicle!!!! Ideas are brewing…

eric says:

oh. my. god. i have GOT to get that leather couch in the second to last picture. that thing is gorgeous.

Judy says:

Jeeeez that is SNAZZY! I’d love a “snack room” that hip.

hmm – Love that they used the keilhauer tablett chair, it’s a great chair for multi-use! … THANKS FOR SHARING – people sometimes don’t realize what impact our environments have on productivity, I’m sure your boyfriend feels much more positive to go to work now as compared to the office before. Hope you are having a great weekend! Cheers =)

kim. says:

eric, the couch is even more fabulous in person. the leather is worn so the colour is amazing. and it’s comfy! snazzy is right judy..the kitchen is so cool – stainless countertops, amazing cabinets that i’d love to know where they came from. and gaile, given what these folks produce, this environment sure helps! (and i’m having a fab weekend now that i’m back from bookstore with 3 new mags!!! hope you are too!)

Jessie says:

Who the hell has stainless steel fridges at work!!?? I have never seen that before!!! Jeff is lucky. I think work places should make the place look nice,…helps everyone be in a better mood. They might actually WANT to work!! lol 🙂

No fair! This office is so cool!

That’s so funny, I used to walk by that building everyday on my way to work and think about what great potential it had. Glad to know someone’s putting it to good use! ~A

kim. says:

OMG someone from Ottawa! Someone else made use of this building too little brute family. When Fuel was renovating their portion of the building, Debbie Travis was filming in another section of it for her new TV show.

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