Outdoor rooms part 2

Posted on Tue, 1 May 2007 by midcenturyjo

As the weather warms up for most of you it’s time to take another look at using outdoor spaces. Where I live in sunny subtropical Queensland we use our outdoor rooms all year round. Even in the southern parts of Australia there is only a brief period of the year where we don’t live outside. The fresh air beckons. And if you don’t have a permanent space to dine, laze and while away the day then a rug some pillows a garden set or hammock can extend your living space.

Anna says:

Just too many wonderful pics here!! My eyes are about to explode!

kim. says:

I soooo wish we had longer summers so we could take advantage of rooms like this for more than a few months out of the year. 🙁

Melanie says:

I have just had an epiphany – in the Jed Johnson associates picture are THE WHITE CHAIRS THAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SINCE CHRISTMAS. If anyone can tell me who makes them I will love you forever (you and the white chairs, that is). Thank you!

They're Bertoia Side Chairs in white. Don't know where you're from but the link is to DWR in the States. Sometimes you can find vintage cheaper but it will be a hard search. Try ebay or maybe craigslist. Most designer furniture stores will carry them.

I just love the swing on the porch. I simply must have one!!

Melanie says:

Thanks for the tip! I’m in Brisbane so I guess I’ll be heading to Space on James St.
Have a great long weekend!

Melanie dedece is the place to go. I don't think Space carries Knoll furniture. So it's off to Petrie Terrace for you. You can go to James St later for a drink at Cru. Can't believe you're from Bris Vegas! Yeah!!

Melanie says:

Thanks! – I live at Paddington but have never ventured into dedece (could be the close proximity to the strip club). Given the great taste displayed here I can’t believe YOU’RE from Bris Vegas (but I’ve gotta say I like the Bowery better than Cru).

Definitely the Bowery over Cru and breakfast in the Valley Mall Cosmo or Fat Boys beats James St anytime.

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