Hanging chairs

Posted on Thu, 3 May 2007 by KiM

Want to feel like a kid again? Get yourself a hanging chair. For your living room, balcony or backyard, whether in rattan or fiberglass, they are fun and look fabulous. I crave one, especially after finding all these photos.

mika says:

i love theses hanging chairs, but each picture that i clicked did provide the place to buy one or how much!!!!please help

Anonymous says:

you can get them from a company called Twos company check out
on this site they are $412.50

kim. says:

Thanks for the link Anon. They seem to be pretty hard to come by. I personally have never seen one in person before. And believe me, I’ve been looking. 🙂

Anonymous says:

Does any one have the source for the Jonathan Adler hanging chairs with the dog in it?

FurnitureLover says:

I’ve seen a couple of lovely hanging chairs @ http://www.twocolumbiaroad.co.uk and at http://www.junkdeluxe.co.uk
Not sure if I could accomodate one, but I wish I could!!

Kiki says:

To those of you that have never seen the hanging chairs…they came out in the 1970's and were fairly a big hit. Very comfortable. I have been looking for one for many years, but haven't been able to locate a used one.I have mild spastic Cerebral Palsy, & the rattan egg chair is the only thing I can totally relax in. Gotta find one soon, my life has been one heck of a stressed mess! Chris B.

Anonymous says:

I found a chair for under 300.00. Its rattan and beautiful. I can't wait to hang around in it. Think Im going to get a palm tree, a tropical sounds cd and a bucket of sand for my toes and just hang out. By the way I found the hanging rattan chair on line at wickerwearhouse.com. You gotta search for it on the site. Takes patience. I will let you know in a couple of weeks if its as great as I think it will be.

kim. says:

Lucky you Anon!! Maybe send us a photo when you've got your new chair all dolled up.

Shannon says:

I know I'm way late on this – but I was thrilled to find a hanging rattan chair (similar to the first and second pictures) and stand on Kijiji for $60 here in Ottawa. Moral of the story? Keep looking! You never know what you will find…

KiM says:

Shannon, you found one of these chairs HERE IN OTTAWA???? For SIXTY DOLLARS???!!!!!! OMG!!! Kind of hating you right now. 😛

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