Rabih Hage

Posted on Thu, 3 May 2007 by KiM

Rabih Hage is an architect and interior designer who specialises in contemporary design, furniture and art. This is another designer that uses art to create wonderful focal points. Check out the stellar art, collectibles and furniture on this website.

J Lee says:

what a contrast in art pieces between the first photo and the second. i love them both! great art pieces.

Love the art and love the dark sriped walls.

cardboard says:

Okay, now I just want to cover everything in gray velvet…

Dragana says:

The first and sixth photo are from a feature in the UK magazine Homes and Gardens from around the year 2000. I saved the magazine because this was so inspiring. The striking metal squares were repurposed from old floor tiles found in the apartment during the renovation.

Dragana says:

Correction, they're from the year 2004. More pictures from this project are on Rabih Hage's website here: http://www.rabih-hage.com/architecture/hans-place/

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