Nelson bubble lamp

Posted on Thu, 10 May 2007 by KiM


Nelson bubble lamp…. Iconic. Simplistic. Organic. Coveted.

Aidlin Darling
Domino Lunberg Design
Image Locations S. Russell Groves
Jonathan Adler James Shanks

Design icon overload!! Great post Kim!

Porcelain says:

I totally want to save up for one once we move into a condo!

Peggy says:

I love these so much, I’ve always wanted one. The only thing I love more are the Noguchi lamps, how about a blog on that?

Kim – I could just see a lamp porn blog – I had to crack up at your chair porn.

Peggy says:

Oh and what about the collection of aluminum (?) objects in the James Shanks picture? Drool…

kim. says:

So it appears we have another lamp tramp among us. Welcome Peggy 😉 Good idea about a Noguchi lamp post!

peggy says:

ha, ha, definately a lamp tramp, chair tramp and pottery tramp….

Nicole says:

Our house came with a vintage Nelson saucer pendant! I was all quiet and nonchalont about it when we were negotiating for the contract… “Oh, does the lighting fixture stay?” Hehe.

kim. says:

I remember that from your Flickr pics Nicole. I was pretty shocked. That’s a funny story – maybe the former owners didn’t even realize what it was.

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