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Posted on Fri, 1 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Hi Jo,
This is my own apartment where I live. I wanted to show you this because it shows our versatility as designers. We are known for doing spaces with print and colour so this space shows another look, its dark, moody and sexy. With my own space I wanted to express a very personal response which makes this space original as only I own these experiences. I hope you know what I mean. I drew on my Italian/Australian background, basically I was pushing “wog chic”! The baroque chair is from the family home and the chandelier and bed head are pieces that I saw in my uncles houses in the 80s. At the time I thought they where the height of utter revoltingness but now appreciate their beauty and kitschness. I love the irony of turning something that I thought was ugly into some beautiful. This adds another dimension to a room. I wanted this space to be a place where I came home at the end of the day and feel fantastic and when I go to bed to FEEL LIKE Joan Collins snuggling up in my fur bedspread. We all work hard and we deserve to feel extraordinary. Anyway I hope you like this project, there is more to come!

Images from Greg Natale

Thanks Greg! Anytime you need a house sitter you know who to email.

drey says:


wow to imagine this space in Australia it is quite surreal! this feels like some underground luxury suite, well done greg!! i love the long lush curtain you’re pictured against. so utterly luxurious.

Anonymous says:

Hello Greg!!!!

Anonymous says:

I hope you don't mind an intrusion by a Pommie ****. I stumbled upon your blog & found lots of interest.
I was trying to follow the stairs with the secret storage – a great idea. Glad I found the source.
Love the images of your retreat. Not only does the design look great, it looks real (I'm not a great fan of staged studio shots pretending to be real interiors.)

kim. says:

Can’t seem to catch my breath – Greg, your space is AMAZING. I’m having heart palpitations. SO dramatic and moody. That baroque chair is so perfect – and from the family home??? Great score!!

zz says:

Stop it guys. Too much already. Stop with the fab pads. This is way cool!

eric says:

i need a lot of stuff from this apartment, mostly the baroque chair, the headboard, and the fur blanket.

good job on the curtains, the lighting, the coffee table. i love the drama

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