Photos from Norway

Posted on Tue, 5 Jun 2007 by KiM

In my searches for photos of beautiful rooms, I came across a website called Ifi from Norway. It doesn’t really matter that I understood maybe 3 words on the site, all that matters is that they had some blog-worthy photos of interiors.

Anonymous says:

i love your site. i’m looking for inspiration for my apt. it needs to be renovated with two internal bedrooms. it is a squarish loft with lots of light at the front only. i never see any great internal bedrooms. any suggestions?

JHAYNE says:

that little bathroom, er, loo is fantastic! i love the recessed wall with that still uses the pattern. such punch in such a tiny space!

I love the lamp in the two dining room pics with the white chairs. So simple! I am really loving your blog. Check out mine if you get a chance, I’d appreciate any suggestions or feedback you can give me.

bubbs says:

For what it’s worth: If you need some norwegian/swedish/danish translation, just let me know. 🙂

Love your blog by the way… 🙂

frances says:

love the floor in the first shots!

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