Modern in BrisVegas

Posted on Thu, 7 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

I live in Brisbane fondly known by the locals as BrisVegas. I’m on the hunt for a new house. Here’s one in Taringa that got away.

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(At last I found an internet cafe! Thanks Kim for publishing my posts. I’m back tomorrow.)

danielle says:

I love this house! It is gorgeous!!

carrie says:

Sorry you didn’t get it. what a lovely house. Was it expensive? Silly question.

kim. says:

Gorgeous is right. I’m guessing this is a dream home. I might just dream about it all day now too. (And glad you found your way to the internet!)

dai says:

What a beautiful house! And the view!!!!!!!!
Sorry you didn’t get it…

Jessie says:

wow,…let me go get my drool bucket. lol Can you say “PERFECT”!!!!!??

Leslie says:

I lived in Brisbane for 6 months a couple of years ago. It is officially my favorite place on Earth. I envy you getting to live there permanently 🙁

sensational. I’d take the home and everything in it! 😉

casapinka says:


drey says:

oh wow. that is gorgeous!!! makes me ALMOST want to leave melbourne!

deucesedan says:

What is the square feet. Is there a floor plan or drawing available of this house?

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