New posters for my library

Posted on Thu, 7 Jun 2007 by KiM

Just bought some posters off eBay for my new retro library. They’re cuban movie posters and just about the only retro looking posters I could find anywhere that weren’t rock band related.

And, while I type this, there are 4 guys in my backyard building my deck and fence. FINALLY!!! I’ll post some pics eventually, once I get the landscaping done.

JHAYNE says:

great finds, lucky you! i like the one with the mirror in particular.

Peggy says:

Way cool. Can’t wait to see them up.

casapinka says:

I love them all – great finds Kim and can’t wait to see the finished product.

Jessie says:

very fun colors and designs. Very retro. I need to look on ebay for stuff for my house. I need some inspiration pieces!

kim. says:

Thanks y’all. FYI: lots of these posters still on eBay. Seller is cubandesigns.

I love these posters. They remind me of some pieces I found in an old art poster book a few months back. They were all retro and trippy. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the book, but I do still have a few pics from my final project.

frances says:

love these! polish movie posters are also always great!

Robin says:

love those posters. do you remember which seller you bought them from on ebay? i know that might be a stretch. any help would be appreciated. btw, love your style. wish i could pull mine together like that.

kim. says:

cubandesigns is the seller Robin, and thanks!

kim. says:

frances – i especially love the african posters you posted about! someone had emailed me a link to polish posters but i have to say the cuban ones are a bit more retro, so more my style.

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