Angus Caravelli

Posted on Sat, 9 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Martha Angus and Paula Caravelli formed their Manhattan based design firm Angus Caravelli in 2005. With an eye for the fine arts and award winning architectural design the duo produce refined interiors with a keen understanding of colour and contemporary artwork. Featured in all the top interior design magazines their understated elegance and witty touches make these luxurious rooms livable, lovely and fun.

Images from Angus Caravelli

kim. says:

Artwork does appear to play a huge part in their designs….but interesting choices for artwork. Love the Andy Warhols but most of the others I’m thinking “HUH????”

casapinka says:

That top bedroom I’ve seen before somwhere (maybe ABT?) I kind of like the artwork. What’s in the middle of the bottom table, though?

Great blog! The interior design (5th row, right) is beautiful! The blues paired with the charcoal grey is very very nice.

Carrie says:

I love that first bedroom and the tented canopy. The artwork is very modern but I think it works. That green room with the purple boxes is beautiful. I think that piece on the table that Casapink was asking about is a faux urn.

Anonymous says:

This firm takes forever and goes way over budget. Stay away not worth it!!

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