Fruitful Saturday

Posted on Sun, 10 Jun 2007 by KiM

Yesterday, I spent the day antiquing with my parents. They picked me up at 8 am and dropped me off at 5:30 pm. It was a LONG day, but a very successful one. I am still pretty surprised at the amount of great stuff I found, because believe me, this city is not known for it’s great antique stores nor it’s flea markets. You either find alot of total CRAP or very country-style things. Retro is generally not easy to come by. But we had a blast and because I have no posts done yet for the week and no clue what to post today, I figured I’d show my scores from yesterday. By the way, all of this cost me $204.

I have placed most of the items above where they will go for now (I’m ALWAYS moving things around) and I took some photos of them in their new homes. Check Flickr if you’d like to know what each of these cost and other details I may have added.

Peggy says:

Kim – I’ve already left some comments at your flickr site, but… I love your placement. Great job. I probably would trim down the arrangment in the dining room, but that’s just me. Your place is so engaging. Thanks for sharing! You’ve helped me not think about my exboyfriend today…

Anonymous says:

I love the idea of giving cats an elegant setting! Afterall, everything in one’s home should be beautiful. This is an idea (among many) that I’m going to steal.

Kelly says:

The wooden lamps are Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your great finds.

Tey look great Kim! I found a “How to” book for lampshades at the fair. Now if you only lived close I could knock up a couple of shades for you.

I’m all for the Buddha heads!

The wall! The Buddha statues oh it´s really perfect. Turquoise is my favorite color – the visit her was a real pleasure!

I love all of your fabu finds. All in one day, whew.
PS. Careful with the glass cat dishes
that they don’t contain lead.
Beautiful idea.

kim. says:

Thanks everybody! Sheri – lead???!!! I have no idea if they contain lead…i better get googling.

Gloria says:

I must know! Where did you go shopping? It’s all very melbourne…

kim. says:

All these goodies came from little towns southwest of Ottawa. Who woulda thunkit?

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