Retro bonanza

Posted on Mon, 11 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Kim may have had a good day finding mid century bounty but I’ve been in second hand book heaven at the Lifeline Bookfest, the world’s largest secondhand book fair here in downtown Brisvegas. Be still my beating heart, there were over 1 000 000 books. I came home with 30 retro decorating books and 75 vintage penguins for the sum of $20AUS. So without further delay here is the first of hundreds of retro pics I have to share.

“House & Garden Guide to Lighting” by Leonie Highton, Collins, 1975.

Scanned images from “House & Garden Guide to Lighting” by Leonie Highton, Collins, 1975.

Jessie says:

How exciting!!! I love old decorating books. Sounds like you and Kim both had great weekends! 🙂

(I am trying not to hate her right now over all her great finds, I am jealous!) lol 🙂

kim. says:

Ya, don’t hate me because I found such great things…and while I type this I am staring adoringly at my new $15 arc lamp.

Jo – those pics are AMAZING. How comical that the furniture is so familiar yet the book is over 30 years old. Can’t wait to see more (and can’t wait to get my a** to the nearest book fair).

orangered says:

30 retro decorating books…how fantastic….i’m jealous but am glad you’re such a giver…

eric says:

jo, i’m loving these and i’m so jealous you got that many old decorating books.

Wait to you see all the photos I have. You will want to roll over and die with jealousy eric.

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