Posted on Tue, 12 Jun 2007 by KiM

I came across this website recently and was totally mesmerized. “Wijaya specializes in tropical landscape and architecture design consultancy. With bases in Sanur (Bali head office), Jakarta and Singapore and 25 years combined experience in over 700 hotel, luxury residence and apartment projects, our company strives to provide a level of service based upon regional experience and expertise.” These photos will have you dreaming of exotic far away lands…

Beautiful. I want to sit in that first courtyard and smell the plants growing.

anneliese says:

oh good lord, I feel faint. I think I need some Wijaya in my life. The entire second row is pretty phenomenal, although the fourth row is a close runner-up. They do a beautiful job at remembering the details and creating memorable, livable spaces that are as special for the owners as for their guests. BEAUTIFUL.

cardboard says:

Seriously, I need to take a bite out of all those spaces right now. I am especially hungry for the daybed next to the open, gauzy window. Yes, please…

Holy moly. Somebody pls pass the smelling salts….

shawn says:

Can you tell me what the name of the broad leafed plant is in the bottom left of the picture if you are front facing? Also, what does the bottom of the plant look like? We have a farm in Holualoa and are trying to identify a plant that looks similar.

Thank you so much!

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