Make Up The Wall

Posted on Wed, 13 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Sick of wall decals? Don’t want to see your wallpaper on someone else’s wall? Need to let your inner graffiti artist out? Try this amazing template system designed by Maria Kirk Mikkelsen of Make Up The Wall. With endless combinations of template pieces and pattern position you’re guaranteed of an original outcome. And it can be as permanent or temporary as you wish. Get out your marker, crayon or chalks and get cracking!

All images from Make Up The Wall

P.S. If you have time to waste I heartily recommend StumbleUpon. Most times dross sometimes treasure like this.

kim. says:

OMG that is fantastic!!! I would so end up going overboard with something like that though. Very cool.

casapinka says:

Too good to be true! Very hard to control one’s self, indeed.

J Lee says:

great idea.
very time consuming though.

robyn says:

this is *such* a great idea! it would be super in my very black & white kitchen.

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