Retro kids’ rooms

Posted on Fri, 15 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

“Children love exuberant, often vividly-bold colors and color combinations, so plan a room with a more dazzlingcolor scheme than you might give yourself…..” Words of wisdom from “Practical Decorating Ideas”, Ure Smith – Sydney, 1973. If you can find it buy it! More photos are definitely coming from this retro treasure.

Scanned images from “Practical Decorating Ideas”, Ure Smith – Sydney, 1973.

kim. says:

I wonder if kids who grew up with rooms this insanely busy turned into hyperactive nutcase adults. It’s making me a little nutty just looking at these.

casapinka says:

Makes you long for wood paneling accented with orange and yellow like that bottom photo. Oh yeah.

Maree says:

Flower power rules! Takes me back to my childhood bedroom. You young ones don’t know what you missed 🙂

modmom says:

love the pink/green bed + double chair (i’d remove the “sail” from the bed)+ paint the walls

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