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Posted on Sat, 16 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Went to visit Funky Fabrix the real life storefront of Funky Fabrix online. They are in Brisbane and only open on Saturdays. Off I went only to find they closed at 12.30pm (it was 2.00pm as I arrived) and they’re on holidays for the next few weeks! Left to look through their dusty window at the retro treasure inside. Check out their stellar vintage line at their ebay store or Atomic Textiles.

And yes Eric it looks amazing from where I was standing, nose pressed against the window. Click on the picture and salivate.

Anonymous says:

Too funny midcenturyjo!

zz says:

Bloody typical! But great websites. Got a thing for barkcloth. Thanks for the link Jo.

kim. says:

What a bummer Jo. What kind of store is open one day a week and for only 3 hours???!!! I sooooo was hoping this was a post of all the great fabrics you found there.

JHAYNE says:

3 hours a week doesn’t sound like a bad work schedule to me 😉

casapinka says:

Che coincidence – I was just looking at this fabric for Petite Casapinka’s windows today:

Bummer about them being closed – I bet you could spend hours in a place like that.

gloria says:

Sounds more like a warehouse than a storefront to me, if this is the case. Perhaps they are concentrating on online presence? I’ve perused their online shop quite a few times but never bothered to visit the actual shop. I thought it would look like a warehouse or something. Maybe I should on the 7th. =)

It was frustrating to get there and be so close and yet so far. Still worth it though just to see what they had through the window. Gloria it is a small shopfront in Ashgrove and seems to be where they keep their fabulous vintage textiles. These beauties were what I was keen to see as I have a sofa and 2 chairs I want to recover and get a Wary-Meyers vibe. I have a few friends who deal in retro and they all have a strong online presence and only a small shop. I can understand this financially and particularly in these days of global shopping. I promise I will return and take more photos. Might see you there on the 7th!

Abby says:

I want to come too!

eric says:

i’m so jealous you live by this shop. sadly i can’t afford many of the fabrics they have for sale right now.

funny, though: i have several of the fabrics sitting in their storefront.

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