Posted on Tue, 19 Jun 2007 by KiM

Banquettes are so much fun for use in casual dining spaces. I just adore them and the vibe they give off. I wish I had incorporated one into my dining room but sadly, it’s too late. I noticed I have many pictures saved of dining spaces with banquettes, so I thought I’d post them in the hopes that this will inspire folks out there to think about a banquette as a seating solution for an eat-in-kitchen or dining room. They are fantastic space-savers too, and get everyone cozying up together. (Mark Cutler posted about banquettes a while ago here as well so have a look.)

Better Homes and Gardens Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens Wilson & Associates
Bortolotto Architects Team HC
Robyn Karp Adrienne Labelle
Alison Spear Wilson & Associates
House of Pictures Homes & Gardens

J Lee says:

i agree and totally love banquettes. i too have posted on them a few times and finally, my next project i’m incorporating a banquette dining area for my clients which i’m really excited about! great post!

such wonderful finds – you two always manage to overflow with such good interiors and satisfy my glossy craving (which isn’t too accessible at my location – not compared to back in the states anyway, 🙂

i just submitted your blog to as one of my favorite reads, hope it brings you more happy readers like me, cheers!
xo j.

kim. says:

J Lee – hope you post pics of the finished product.

true nature – thanks for the kind words and for submitting our blog to sk*rt!!

Great pics Kim. Lots of good ideas to steal here!

Oh yes, adore banquettes. They are de rigeur here in Morocco!

Wow, I have that same picture of the Wilson & Associates banquette on my buletin board and also pictures of Vicente Wolf’s banquettes…. he is the “King of Banquettes”. I am just in the proces of having a banquette made for my new dining room. It is going to be 7′ long.
Will post a picture to my blog when it is all set up.

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