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Posted on Thu, 21 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Leonie Brown worked for designers and fabric houses in both London and New York before setting up her own company Leonie Brown Interiors in 2002. Her team is innovative and young with backgrounds in fine art, furniture and design. The rooms are elegant, sophisticated, textural. Modern with a trad twist at times and at others sleek, crisp and contemporary. With a shop and design studio in London and a New York Studio on Fifth Avenue Leonie covers both sides of the pond. While you’re at her site don’t miss her collection of hand embroidered and hand printed fabrics and wallpapers which are inspired by archive designs sourced from all over the world.

Images from Leonie Brown

I’m not sure if these spaces do anything for me, design-wise. Architecturally, a few of them are amazing, but I find the decor a bit underwhelming (though some of the individual pieces are gorgeous). I love modernism, and sometimes even minimalism, but to me there’s a difference between a space that’s minimalistic and a space that just looks somehow unfinished. You know what I mean?

kim. says:

I hear ya – I think alot of it may have to do with the lack of colour. Maybe because I love colour. There’s no patterns either – gotta have some pattern to excite the senses.

Melanie says:

I love a monochromatic palette and these rooms speak to me. I love the simplicity but the obvious luxury in less is more. Ireally love the sleek lines of the kitchen but I’m drawn to that rush floor too. Thanks for posting these.

Looking at these photos again (what can I say? It’s a slow Friday afternoon at work), I think you’ve hit it on the head, Kim, with your comment about the lack of colour or pattern. I was about to say that you can compensate for these omissions if the room has a lot of texture, which these rooms don’t have… but then I realized I was wrong. When I look more closely, there’s a great deal of texture, but it doesn’t come across well in photographs. This might be a case of the room being lovely in person but too subtle for photographs.

P.S. I have no idea why this issue was slightly nagging at me. Possibly because the homes you profile are usually so on point with my tastes, and this one seemed to jump out at me for not being my kind of thing. Because it’s all about me. 🙂

susan says:

I think the kitchen (you see most of) is amazing and fits the house beautifully. Between the windows and the texture, lots of texture, for me it is a great juxtaposition of minimalism and yes, warm and fuzzy. It’s understated and elegant. I really like it.

It is the photography, clean layout and architecture that makes the images compelling. While not drool-worthy, I do enjoy the detailing on the nailhead table in the top left photo…and who can ignore the incredible staircase in the third row. While not jawdropping, sometimes restraint is a nice tool to use.

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