What to do with all those milk crates from your student days

Posted on Sat, 23 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

OMG look at this idea from Paul Daly for Go Nude in Dublin. Milk crate lights in a milk bar!

Jessie says:

WOW!! That looks really cool! I love it. Such a great idea!

kim. says:

I love it too! Never seen milk crates in such a cool colour.

MaryAnne says:

Couldn’t live with it at home but in a cafe it’s a great idea.

Love this! I’d take it a step further with these awesome milk crate chairs:


Thanks, Desire to Inspire! I LOVE you!

Well, they are aesthetically pleasing, but I still find such use of it a waste of milk crates! Milk crates are such a valuable commodity and it is so difficult to find then anymore. They should be used for storage, which is their primary function. They don’t do anything but look pretty suspended from the ceiling, plus the shop, having too many lights, isn’t in my view all that eco friendly. If they used the milk crates for storage and display also, I would like them better.
Thank you for sharing anyway. I was googling milk crates and found this post. Thank you.

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