Shelley Gordon

Posted on Mon, 25 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Shelley Gordon is a San Francisco based interior designer. I found her website after looking at previous years San Francisco Showcase rooms. The site contains only contact details and portfolio pictures with no hint of a profile but you don’t need it when you look at these delightful rooms. Shelley has a wonderful sense of colour. There is a whimsy to her work. Sophisticated yes but family friendly and fun loving.

Sallyann says:

That kitchen is so purty! The blue green is the color I’ve been searching for.

Suzy says:

Fantastic images girls, I especiall love that mandarin orange and teal coloured living room!

kim. says:

I agree with suzy about the living room, and that kitchen is really pretty but it seems too white. A dark countertop may have worked better IMHO. (The blue/green is gorgeous though).

I totally love the kitchen and the last sitting room…

J Lee says:

i love her use of colors!
great post!

susan says:

Great, colorful, post! Love the kitchen, although a few quibbles. I’m fine with the white. Maybe a few decorative trays on the mantel hood could add some color. But, overall a real nice job.

The blue and green color combination is soothing. I did a piece of this palette. Traditional decor interiors that are inviting.

jo-anne - Vancouver says:

The turquoise and orange room is so lovely!

katiedid says:

Great stuff. GREAT STUFF!

N says:

I absolutely love the very last picture here. I had no idea that orange & blue could be put together in such a tasteful, delightful way! I adore that room.

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