British Shabby Chic

Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2007 by KiM

A gorgeous home in Britain that is so warm and welcoming. The palette is beautiful. I have a cottage decorated in my dreams with colours such as these.

susan says:

Funny, with all the white in the kitchen, I would have guessed it was located somewhere in Scandinavia. Well, with all that rain, they need white in the UK too. Lovely images.

Heeeeey, that chandelier over the bathtub isn’t to code! (Can you tell I watch too much Holmes on Homes? 😉

kim. says:

LOL doppelganger…mike holmes is my IDOL!!!!

J Lee says:

haha I met Mike Holmes, what a funny guy! I think the chandiler is in front of the tub, no??

Great images Kim. The upholstered wall, wow love the texture and visual feel!!! Great images. Location Works has some of the greatest places!


I am competely in love with this home and want to move in now!!! Yes, great post Kim 🙂


I don’t think the chandelier is wired up but even if it was what a way to go. Bath oil, relaxing music, face mask and zap! fry! should have used a better toggle bolt!

dai says:

How I WANT to live in this house!!!

-Suzie- says:

Isn’t this a house you can rent from Beach Studios for shooting a movie ?

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