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Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2007 by KiM

Andrika, a Torontonian, emailed asking for some ideas for her kitchen redo. She has white cabinets and can’t decide on a wall colour. So I sifted through my photo collection and oddly enough, most of the kitchens I found with white cabinets had white walls. Here are some that I found with some fun colours. The one above is my favourite. LOVE the blue and green colour combination. The icy blue wall is incredible (!!!). If anyone has ideas for Andrika or has a favourite among these photos, leave us your thoughts in a comment. We’d also welcome photos if you think you have a great kitchen wall colour you’d like to share.

Anonymous says:

Thank you so much for the post Kim! I will have to send in some photos of my finished kitchen when the renovations are done.
I can really see now how white cabinets can be an inspiration!

Amanda says:

WHY won’t my apartment let me paint my old veneered cabinets white???

I LOVE the kitchens in the orange, hot pink, and green colors. So beautiful!

Anonymous says:

i wouldn’t know what to do w/o knowing the color of the countertop and the floor…did she give any details there?

Emily says:

I love the “apartment” and the “vogue interiors” shades, myself. The “fox-nahem” comes a close third. It’s important to think of what your desired mood would be, also. Good luck!

I love all of these kitchens … it’s so nice to see some kitchens with personality instead of the boring-but-safe beige “Tuscan-style” kitchens in everyone’s homes. I’m partial to the kitchens with blue walls since I just renovated my kitchen with a very bright aqua – Benjamin Moore’s “Tropicana Cabana.” You can see it here:

Anonymous says:

To the person who was asking about my floor and countertop. My counter is black and white granite and my floor right now is beige-ish, however after painting my floor is the next thing to be changed.
It is also a cute small galley kitchen with one great big window facing north and all the cabinets are opposite the window.
Hope this helps!
I appreciate everybody’s comments and suggestions for my kitchen!


Peggy says:

Love the pink kitchens! Always wanted to do a hot pink kitchen.

susan says:

Well, this is my lucky day! You know how I jump in when I see even one kitchen in your posts, so here I go.

First, what’s in the surrounding rooms? Take your lead from what’s beyond the kitchen in terms of colors and textures. Not knowing that makes it a little hard to advise. But, that’s a clue. Allow the kitchen to transition, or logically flow, from the rooms beyond.

Second, you can decide if you want to let the wall color “speak out” or sort of blend in. Blending in can be cool too, especially if you look upon your accessories as another “layer” in the room. And, that can also mean putting in strong artwork with colors of your choice if you’re not brave enough to say, put the lime green on the walls.

I could go on and on, but those are the first two points that struck me.

Gorgeous kitchens as usual ladies!

kim. says:

Thanks from me too for everyone leaving such great advice. Jennyology, your kitchen reno turned out AMAZING. That blue is incredible. I am totally craving your countertops/cabinets. And Susan, knew we could count on you for your expert advice.

drey says:

wowow the neat slim design of the purple one was oh so my husband (albeit the purple colour didn’t thrill him). btw, jenny i LOVED that aqua kitchen of yours, esp the round dots that you have repeated in your kitchen towels!

hi andrika, alot of homes today have kitchens that share spaces with other “rooms”… do you have a scheme going for your other rooms or you have the luxury of a dedicated kitchen “room”?

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