Playboy Town House

Posted on Fri, 29 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

“The discerning city-dweller of individual ways and comfortable means is turning more and more to the superb outlets for decorative and architectural self-expression inherent in the town house…….” Playboy, May 1962.

To see the full page scanned images of this 1962 classic article (and didn’t they buy Playboy for the articles?!) you’ll find it here. Take the time to read the article. It’s a scream. Remember Playboy isn’t just for the “room” porn. Thanks to the team at Meathaus Enterprises for their selfless act of scanning and posting this classic.

kim. says:

I wish I had time to read the article but I have to get ready for work. But that last image cracked me up. What’s Playboy without a round bed? YEAH BABY

ZZ says:

I always read Playboy for the articles! Very funny – “room” porn.

Krista says:

I’ve always wanted a round bed, but finding round sheets would be a bitch, no?

frances says:

totally awesome!

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