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Posted on Fri, 29 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Did you see these amazing chandeliers in this kitchen by Civility Design that Kim included in her kitchen post yesterday? What a way to pack a punch in a room. For a couple of days now Pink from Casapinka has been wrestling with a colourful chandelier dilemma herself. Not sure if I’m into the orange myself but those light fittings are a big statement. Love a bit of drama and fun in a room. What do you think?

Images from Civility Design

I have seen them used in CABINS up in Park City and always loved them. But I have never seen them painted and used in Mid Century design. They are hot!


susan says:

It needs even more of a punch! The center doors that are raised on the left side should be orange. But the thing that bugs me the most which always bugs me is that these are hung way too high. Maybe not “way”, but they’re hung too high. There’s a real intimacy thing going on when the lighting fixtures are hung lower and I don’t mean too low, but these should be another 9″ lower would be my estimate. I think they are hung at a very awkward height.

kim. says:

Susan, you don’t think if they were hung 9″ lower that if someone was standing at the island say, chopping carrots, they wouldn’t bang their head into them? I think they would look better lower if you were sitting at those chairs though.

i actually really like it … i think it is the perfect amount of a stong emotional color – just enough to make you excited to be in your room but no too much that you want to tear them down a month later – and i love how they grounded the chandeliers with the two orange chairs … dang i just love symmetry!

Originally I thought they were red from last post (I swear I’m not a color blind designer), but seeing them closly I still love just as much as orange…but I agree I’m not crazy about the green either Kim.


brownbear says:

I agree with Alyssa. The chairs ground the lights perfectly. I think if the room wasn’t kelly green but an acid/ citrus green I’d like it better. But the room is actually very well thought out. Love the blog guys. Found you through stumble upon. Keep up the great work.

Just have to chime in. Love hearing dialogue of anykind in reponse to our designs. Without going into an artist’s statement about how the design of this kitchen evolved, we’ll simply focus on the color choice of the resin antler chandeliers and share a portion of thought that went into the design. Originally the entire kitchen was painted a poppy color,as it was the homeowners favorite color. Too much of a favorite “thing” – in this case the color on the walls – was just that :too much — and made the room appear dark, and amazingly enough, you didnt even notice the color of the walls. One just “felt” the experience of a dark room. A simple lesson or piece of advice to offer is this: By choosing key pieces (in this case the chandeliers and the counterstools), and having them be your favorite color, will not only make the statement that you are looking for, but will make the piece or pieces that much more special as they are the accent, the pop, the ‘wow factor’ to be appreciated that much more. Think in those terms in the room or space that you are planning and don’t limit your favorite colors to the walls only. FYI – if you want to see more rooms from the design of this cottage home, visit our website more inspiration.

Anonymous says:

I really like this room. I like the green and I think those chandeliers are to die for. The faux bamboo chairs are a great foil to the lights and the whole thing just goes to show that the 60 30 10 color rule works. When you go to the website and see more of the pictures it makes more sense. Congrats to the Civility design team. Great work.
Marissa in Sydney

Thanks guys for stopping by and explaining the behind the scenes. The room definitely feels so much lighter and I’m sure it’s a favourite spot for the client’s family to gather. The chandeliers and the chairs are great features. Your advice is spot on and the website is full of inspiration. Your sense of colour and it’s use is outstanding. Thanks again!

susan says:

Kim, the height would have to be looked at, whether the right number was 8 or 7, 9, or what. It shouldn’t be so close that it feels like you’re going to bump into it, that’s not good, but there is a point to where you can push it, and where it gives a totally different feeling. You shouldn’t “feel” like it’s going to hit you, of course, but I do think that “feeling” is too high than necessary and can be finessed!

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