Colour in the kitchen

Posted on Sat, 30 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Elizabeth Dimond emailed us a link to the Elmira Stove Works. WOW! Talk about colour in the kitchen. Here in Australia there are many colours in appliances as long as you basically want white or stainless steel. There are of course SMEG fridges and dishwashers but I’ve never seen a co-ordinated kitchen range like these retro beauties. Although I can’t see it online Elizabeth says she’s spotted these wonders in that retro colour to beat all colours….. avocado. Now you’re talking!

Images from Elmira Stove Works

kim. says:

I would do anything to be able to replace my white appliances for these, in any of those colours. They are so much fun!!! Coolest looking microwave I’ve ever seen.

casapinka says:

I’m still loyal to that pink Smeg!

Hey, Ladies,

Love the “punch” of color these appliances add,as well as the retro flair. Great find — I’m going to investigate further.

Found you on the lovely Lisa’s Small Place Style Blog and have enjoyed the eye candy you’ve featured.

jo-anne - vancouver says:

My mom still has her avocado stove – though the fridge died a few years back and it was replaced with a white one. I’m thinking late 70s…

Wait until she hears it’s hip again!

drey says:

v. nice. would love a red set of appliances! (gone is the loyalty to the stainless steel)

drey says:

hey Jo, maybe us Aussie sheilas can persuade them to start selling coolER stuff like this in Australia???

susan says:

Hey! I just did a post on your post. Great post. That microwave definitely looks Jetsons.

I’m feeling all nauseous from the pink, give me the lemon yellow or fire engine red!

REALLY nice! We’re going to have to post about that, too!

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