Sara Story Design

Posted on Sat, 30 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

There is an oriental influence apparent in Sara Story’s designs. Not surprising as she was born in Japan and travelled extensively in Asia. Her style is contemporary, eclectic and timeless. Clean lines, contrasting neutrals, rich textures and a global streak are typical of her work. I think I need a Hermes box or 2.

Images from Sara Story Design

Great design. I always love a touch of Asian mixed in any room.


katiedid says:

I really love this designer. Beautiful simplicity. And Hey! Where did she find all of those Hermes boxes?!? I am on the hunt for those.

I know Katie. It’s not fair!! She should share. Does anyone have a secret source for a not too bright, burnt orange, not too glossy box that could pass as an Hermes at a glance. Would love some for my new studio space.

kim. says:

Forget the boxes, I want the takeout coffee cup art.

Yes these are great images!! I just bought a few Hermes boxes from Ebay the other day…but CB2 has inexpensive ones that are more burnt orange and affordable, but only 3 sizes to choose from…

All really great looking. Love the Burmese containers, myself — such exotic shapes.

drey says:

re: that orange “home office space” who keeps their offices/studies that neat anyway!?!?!? what about clutter? 😛

Peggy says:

Love that wall of coffee cup paintings! Really cute presentation of an ordinary object.

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