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Oh no tagged!

Posted on Tue, 26 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

Drey from Bijou Kaleidoscope, a fellow Aussie design blogger tagged us today to tell 7 things about ourselves. So as Kim is fast asleep I’ll jump in first and do 3. Kim you don’t mind doing 4 do you?

1. That’s Mickey. Kelvin (my husband) and I share our 2 bedroom apartment with him. I love him to death not just because he is such a good looking beast but because he is also my husband’s guide dog. Kelvin lost his sight at 18 due to an accident.

2. Enough about my husband! This is supposed to be about me. I used to be a medical student but I saw the light and became an interior designer.

3. I was in Berlin (on a surgical elective) when the wall came down and I can remember when man walked on the moon. Now that last one really ages me!

And as my gift to the blogosphere I decline to tag 7 (or 3)others. (Does anyone else delete those chain emails? My trash is full of them!) But this was fun as long as it is only 3 things. Your turn Kim.

Gee thanks Jo. Ok here goes:

1. When I started university, my folks moved to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Luckily, my twin sister and I got to stay behind. Spent 3 summers and 1 spring break there though. Was quite an experience…loved the almost 24 hours of daylight.

2. I was born in the wrong country – maybe even the wrong continent. This is because I hate winter with every ounce of my being. I’ve lived here in Ottawa all my life and although the winters have gotten better over the years, I find it harder and harder to live through them.

3. I would die without pasta, or carbs in general. I blame being half-Italian for that.

4. The 3 years I spent in college taking computer science were the worst 3 years of my life. It was hell and I cringe everytime I think about it. It was WAY too much work. I did more work in one semester there than I did in the whole 3 years I spent getting a bachelor degree in Psychology.

John Stefanidis

Posted on Mon, 25 Jun 2007 by KiM

“John Stefanidis Design Limited is one of the world’s leading interior design practices. In 1967, John Stefanidis Design established his practice from a studio in Chelsea, London and has for over three decades kept the highest standard of traditional and innovative design, producing unique concepts for a discerning international client portfolio.” He has the uncanny ability to design spaces in a wide variety of styles, from classical English, to traditional, to modern. John’s portfolio is filled with gorgeous photos of homes he has designed all around the world. He also has a line of bespoke furniture and accessories for both home and garden, as well as a line of luxurious fabrics, many of which are featured below. (Thanks again Caroline of JS Fabrics for the email!)

“Style is not merely a method or theme but the intrinsic and instinctive manifestation of the makers spirit and nature.”
“The combination of simplicity and luxury – maximum luxury in simple surroundings, not grand surroundings with little luxury.”

“Harmony, comfort, restraint and a respect for the architectural character of a building and for the needs of those who rooms we design.”

As many of you know I am a HUGE lover of animals. So huge, that today, I think my boyfriend and I are going to PetSmart to pick up cat #5 (to clarify, the cats at big stores like PetSmart come from the local animal shelter). We saw Mimin, a black cat, a week ago when we were in there buying cat food. She looks just like a cat we had that passed away a little over a year ago. The animal shelter here has what looks to be about 70 or 80 cats – that’s ALOT. I feel so horrible for these poor little guys and as much as we don’t need a fifth cat, I know that here at rancho relaxo, they have a GREAT life. So if anyone out there is thinking about getting a pet, go to your local animal shelter and do one of these guys a favour. I guarantee they’ll love ya forever for it.

UPDATE: It’s several hours later and I’m holed up in my bedroom with the new member of our family, Mimin. We let her right out as soon as we got home and the cats were sniffing her butt etc. I was so proud of her because she pretty much ignored them. And then she attacked my chicken sh*t Himalayan. Fur flew everywhere. So, integration may take time (and all my energy). Here is a photo of her finally sitting still. She crawled into the carrier and lay down for the first time in 2 hours.

Jason Loucas

Posted on Fri, 22 Jun 2007 by KiM

I’d like to introduce you to the stunning interior photography of Jason Loucas.

Shelly Reihl David

Posted on Fri, 22 Jun 2007 by midcenturyjo

This is one of my favourite vignettes. It’s the work of Shelly Reihl David. We’ve featured one or two of these images before. It’s time to take a closer look at her portfolio. The scope of her firm’s work ranges from dramatic European and Italian decor to the look of modern Hollywood glamour in a contemporary setting. Her rooms are glamorous and sophisticated and the use of colour is inspirational. At the same time these are livable spaces that have a sense of fun as well as drama.

Images from Shelly Reihl David