Posted on Mon, 2 Jul 2007 by KiM

Jo’s post about Elmira Stove Works the other day seems to have caught alot of people’s attention. I’ve been wanting to do a Smeg post and have been collecting photos for a while so here you are…some Smeg envy.

They’re cute, but you’d have to live in a kitchen with the word Smeg emblazoned on your fridge. Eeek.

susan says:

Yes, I saw SMEG at KBIS and spoke to the dreamy Italian grandson of the founder (but I digress). They are just being introduced into the U.S. this year. Their colors are great. I really like that very light pink one!

kim. says:

I guess they could be more subtle with their branding. And I would SO buy one of these fridges then revolve my whole kitchen colour scheme around it. I think the light pink is my fav too.

Hey I know that house in the 2nd last photo. Those fridges are so sexy in real life. Great SMEG collection Kim.

casapinka says:

My sis-in-law has had the stainless one for ages and I’m so jealous. I’ve known that pink one is my destiny for at least a couple of years and I’m so happy to hear that they are on their way to the USA.

Matt says:

Great images

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