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Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2007 by KiM

I am a shoes-off-in-my-house kind of person. I don’t know where your shoes have been…if you have a rock stuck in the treads and are going to scratch up my floors, or if you didn’t notice the neighbour’s dog’s little treat he left on the lawn that you managed to step in. If you’re embarassed to ask for shoes to be removed, then why not spell it out for people? (I’m not that anal about it, really, but I thought this was really cheeky).

P.S. My stones and wood garden ties just arrived from Rona. Let the landscaping begin!

I love this post, it is such a good idea for my home.

Do you mind if I feature you on my list of favorite links?

i love this!

-Suzie- says:

I like it, too!
It looks like art.

I also feel bad to remind people to take off the shoes. After living so many years in Asia I am used to it and even take my own socks with me (sometimes) or ask for slippers, and of course offer slippers.

kim. says:

I don’t really ever have to ask because here people generally don’t wear their shoes in other people’s homes. Well, they might in the summer but in winter, no one wants snow and salt and crap all over their floors. And sure delicatesweat, thanks for linking us!

Momo says:

Love the look and feel. Always did like works with fonts but cannot seem to find them easily here in Singapore. Here’s my take on a similar situation …


bare your sole … haha

katiedid says:

Great idea. maybe it wil work at my house!

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