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Posted on Wed, 4 Jul 2007 by KiM

Since Jo is just heading off to work I thought I’d take this opportunity to plug her gorgeous artwork (since she won’t be able to check the blog for HOURS). She sent me a package back in April and having FINALLY received it yesterday, it included 4 pieces of art that she drew. They are so amazing and I am so proud of her that I had to post them. I think I may have convinced her to open an Etsy shop so please feel free to leave comments and maybe she’ll realize she REALLY REALLY should sell her art. (Sorry about the quality of the photos, it’s raining here so I can’t get good light).

julia says:

Congrats on the new apartment Jo and do hurry with the Etsy shop -you are a fantastic artist -because Kim is going to be really mad at me when the next time I leave her house she notices that the drawings are missing…

Those are incredible. Jo – you should definitely open the Etsy shop – there’s nothing to lose, and I don’t doubt you’d find success there!

I’m in love with those drawings in your dining room! Open up an etsy please!!

susan says:

No doubt, these are gorgeous. You are so talented!

becky says:

Please please please open an etsy shop Jo!

Karen says:

I say yes too. Love your drawings!

birdie says:

Such lovely, lovely work!

Oh, how lovely! They’re all beautiful, but that top one of the trees speaks to me in a special way. I trust you’ll let us know if/when this Etsy shop comes into being?

raabia says:

Oh wow. I would buy it in a heartbeat! It’s gorgeous. Such hidden talents.

ZZ says:

I’ll be your friend for a few of these. The postage is cheaper to Melbourne I’m sure.

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