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Posted on Sat, 7 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

I first had a glimpse into lottie pan’s lovely home 5 months ago when I was searching through Flickr. It was this teak platter that introduced me to her style. To my surprise she popped up in the comments section and I was drawn back to her maison set. I love this London flat and all lottie pan’s great finds. See more of her great photos here. Thanks Charlotte for letting me share your home. I just had to show off your place!

squeaky says:

You have a lovely home Charlotte. I’m very jealous.

kim. says:

What beautiful photos. Your home looks so cozy Charlotte. LOVE the little teak credenza.

mirrorball says:

Ticks all the right boxes for me. Lovely home and great photos.

ZZ says:

Congrats lottie pan on a fantastic home. Great taste in monkeys!

Rachel says:

oh so beautiful. thanks for sharing!!!

lottie says:

thanks guys for such lovely comments! it is really a work in progress, although we’ve run out of space for new finds at the moment so I’m having to sit on my hands a bit and stay away from the charity shops and car boot sales…

sfv says:

What a wonderful home! May I be so bold to ask where your sectional is from? I adore it.

lottie says:

the sofa? it is from Ilva, a Danish furniture shop that recently opened in the UK. we love it, but it is covered in wool felt which gets very warm in the summer!

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