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Posted on Sun, 8 Jul 2007 by KiM

When planning my post for today, the only logical choice seemed to be outdoor spaces. Reason being, I am spending all weekend and Monday (I have the day off) landscaping my backyard. Yesterday we dug out the whole yard to remove the “grass” (I use quotes because it should be grass but instead is mostly weeds). Today my parents are coming over to help, and we’ll be laying stones over the entire yard and adding some garden areas. It’s a pretty small yard thankfully so this shouldn’t be too difficult. I just have to get through the day without killing my father and/or my boyfriend. Both are not the funnest people to do projects with. Wish me luck.

Breck says:

I’ve spent many a afternoon at Kevin Haley’s deck. One of my favorite places.

susan says:

I think I would find it difficult to pick a favorite. They speak to so many different moods. Good stuff!

Poor Kim! Your whole body will be aching by the end of today (and well into the week). It’ll look fab though I just know. Love the photos especially the wire legs peeping out of the bushes.

kim. says:

We’re done for the day thank god. The muscles between my fingers ache (not joking). And in 2 days, all we’ve done is essentially prep the yard. I had no idea there would be that much work prepping. At least the rain stopped this morning and we were able to work. I can’t wait to start laying stone and getting my gardens in. As puny as the space is, it’s my first yard and I’m stoked to get to do what I want with it. (Maybe I should add some wire legs under my lilac bush.) There is a down side tho’ – I’m broke. 🙂

Happy landscaping to you….

Do we get to see before-and-afters of your yard? 🙂 ~A

kim. says:

If you check my “my first house” set on Flickr, there’s some before shots. We still have alot of work to do and will have to wait for a couple of nice weather days to finish.

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