Amazing photoshop talent

Posted on Mon, 9 Jul 2007 by KiM

My boyfriend Jeff just sent me this photo and I loved it so much I had to post it. If I didn’t already have a mirror I made hanging above my headboard, I would SO love this blown up big on canvas. This is a photo of Erin, the office manager at his work, that was photoshopped by his co-workers Tim and Paul, who are writers. They are working on a website to show their work, and if you have a thing for gore then bookmark their site.

The following is more of a representation of their work, and the only other one I could post that I thought wouldn’t freak DTI readers out.

claire says:

Um…am I the only one who thinks these are sexy images? I for one am glad to see you branch out in terms of what you post on this site. Yay!

Peggy says:

Not all comments that are in disagreement are negative. They are just an opinion, and you have made people feel very comfortable commenting on this site.

That said, I agree that the pics are very disturbing. I guess I was shocked because you are one of my design gurus. I do not find these nearly as sexy as your addict pic in your bathroom.

I looked closely at the photos and there does appear to be a bullet hole in the lady’s chest.

I just don’t find violence intriguing. Would love to see these photoshop skills going to better use.

kim. says:

Jo and I eagerly welcome all comments and people’s opinions. I just want to make it clear that this post really has nothing to do with home decor. It’s about talent and creativity. Note the title of this post. It’s “Amazing photoshop talent” not “Some art to hang over your couch”.
And for the record, there are no bullet holes in either of the photos.

casapinka says:

It’s your blog and you get to post what you want and I do enjoy a bit of controversy. I find these violent and disturbing and the top one looks like a crime scene photo. I think if you hang this in your bedroom your cats will go crazy and start pawing at the pillows and doing a collective dirge kitty style. Better to hang a Frida painting. Thanks for not sharing the peeling skin photo, you FREAK!

I really love them and art should always evoke an emotion nothing worse than somebody feeling nothing at all. Great job!


I love going to work and coming back to find what inspired mischief Kim has been up too in her off time! OK so we now know no bondage photos with or without imaginary bullet holes and no fur photos. We must always post Barbie and polyester. Not everything we see we have to agree with and talent and skill should be appreciated even if it is outside our comfort zone. Just as those who have expressed a strong dislike for these images have the right to voice this we also have the right to post things that challenge and confront. This is our desire to inspire debate.

Jessie says:

ya,….I didn’t read all the comments above,….blah blah blah….If you don’t like something you don’t have to comment….

anyways, I love photoshop and really want to learn how to do it. Its neat what you can do. ITS ART!!!!! 🙂 Ya, I might not have someone ripping off their own skin hanging on my wall,..but I do want to make some cool pop art prints of my pets. I think the pictures are neat.

Great post KIM! 🙂

eric says:

kim, darlin, in the words of missy elliott, fuck them haters. it’s your blog and if they don’t like it, they can skip the post. you do you.

also, i had no idea you were a web developer! me too! and i have cats. we should so be email buddies.

kim. says:

Eric, this is destiny. Jo and I are so alike, we call each other triplets (since I already have an actual twin). So now I’ll have to call you my quadruplet. 🙂 Plus, we both like to stir up some controversy. Well, this post is worse than your coffee table ‘o boobs…

Eric we can be identical quads but with different ages and sexes. We could travel the world in a sideshow at the circus. Interested?

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