Posted on Mon, 9 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

If I seem a little distracted over the next three weeks it’s because I’m keeping a close eye on Le Tour de France. Purely from a sport’s perspective of course!

lottie says:

Isn’t it exciting! The Tour passed very close to our flat as it left London yesterday and I got a few shots of the riders. As they were on their way to the official start, they were all very relaxed and chatting away with one another!

kim. says:

I’d be all distracted too from all the spandex.

susan says:

Watching it every day…for the sport of it. Or the scenery. Yes, that’s right.

I do watch it for the cycling I do! I’ve been devoted for years and all my friends are cyclists but…. it does have some of the nicest scenery around.

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