Religious trinkets

Posted on Mon, 9 Jul 2007 by KiM

Jo has a thing for religious tchotchkes, and I may hunt some down next time I’m out antiquing. There’s something so calming and mysterious about them. So this one’s for you Jo.

Second photo from Bolig Magasinet, the rest from House of Pictures

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! You’ve had a busy day today Kim. First sex now religion. Tomorrow I want a politics in design post. Thanks for this. I really must stop rescuing old neglected religious objects. Must have something to do with being an ex-catholic (and having a sister who used to be a nun who had easy access to the good stuff).

Forgot to say I spy a mob of Marys, a triplet of Josephs and a couple of Little Flowers! The last could be any saint or angel 🙂

Anna says:

Jo – Absolutely Fabulous had a pair of Religious statues a few weeks back and I must say I’m not really a very religious person but I LOVED these statues. I didn’t buy them because I think my husband would start to think I’m going nutty!!!

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