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Posted on Wed, 11 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

I couldn’t stop! Once I started looking for office ideas it seemed like my files were full of them. Slick and modern, glam and traditional. What’s your style of workspace?

kim. says:

GREAT POST JO! I love the drama of the first office space ALOT. And very cool art in the 4th. Great use of a nook in the Craig Spencer pic.

yvonne says:

please post more office ideas!!! i’m redoing mine too. i’m a photographer, so i can’t avoid the giant monitor and the 456548099874356 wires that wraps around my table… 🙁

J Lee says:

Thanks for this post Jo! Reminds me to keep working on my office =)
I especially love the Michael Haverland images – love that window!

AMR says:

Wow! Even more than usual, this one really feels like a psychology test. Personal offices are very revealing. Hmm.
Vitch pikture do you liken za most Fräulein?

Jaya says:

Yes please, more offices! That’s my current project. I’m especially keen on office wall ideas for strategic to write, draw, and a jumbo year at a glance calender that doesn’t look like an office supply store.

Love all these images…I think I am more keen to office 1 by Webb White…but if my own office ends up looking as good as any of these I would be happy 🙂 Great post!

siobhan says:

Michael Haverland Michael Haverland! What a gorgeous shot.

cardboard says:

The Fryery shot is speaking to me right now but the Jed Johnson desk is incredible (and I can’t even see it all that well). The Craig Spencer space is makin’ me freak out ’cause I just know I’d be constantly turning around, thinking someone was sneaking up. And that’s a nice, grown-up use of the ‘crime scene’ tape.

drey says:

i really like the blue office room 🙂 very calming for me and perhaps will also calm an active 16 month old!

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