Another fruitful Saturday

Posted on Sat, 14 Jul 2007 by KiM

I got a call this morning from my folks (and grandmother who’s here visiting) to tell me that they were 10 minutes from my house and heading out antiquing and asked if I wanted to tag along. UH……YEAH! To top it off, they were going to the same place where I scored most of my finds the last time. And OH MY, did I score again. It’s kind of dark and cloudy outside so I’ll take the evening to clean things up and post more photos tomorrow of everything in their new homes. Here’s a preview.

Thought I would save the best for last…

But sadly, this is what it looked like 5 minutes after I got it in the door…

Bacchus says:

I love the bench too. Are you going to reupholster the cushions or save the green? Either way I’d love to find something like it. Our felines need a new spot.

drey says:

*sigh* i’m in the wrong city/place! WHY!? that bench looks like the find of THE YEAR!

kim. says:

Feanne, I have a cat fetish – I have 5 of them. And I here ya Eric…I had to keep pulling cats off the bench to get a photo. Cats’ nosy-ness makes me laugh – I had a really small box that some of the breakables were packaged in and they even insisted on climbing into it.

The bench fabric will stay as is because I adore it, and I’m broke. 🙂

Feanne says:

I’ve got four kitties. But it’s nothing compared to my boyfriend and his family, they have around a dozen! (We actually met at a cat show, hehe.)

The bench fabric is pretty ^.^ But do your cats scratch?? Hahahaha you’ll have to find some way to protect it. Our sofa is in tatters, we’ve just given up.

kim. says:

They generally don’t scratch furniture. I FREAK when they do so they’ve learned to stay away from Momma’s furniture with their claws. I do worry about the rattan part of the bench. We’ll see. (*GASP* A dozen cats???)

OMG I HAVE to get out to those antique spots! I love what you found! I checked our your flickr photos and everything looks amazing. Nice work!

I know it’s not healthy to covet other people’s things, or their, um, lives, but really. Where do you people LIVE? Rather, where the heck do I live? And can we call that living. Such a good eye!

Wow, GREAT loot! Yes, I am very jealous.

kim. says:

Jocelyn, I better beat you to it! Scrappy, this is Ottawa honey – not the hippest town around but apparently we have some decent thrift/antique stores. Thanks becoming-home!

kim. says:

Oh – in case you didn't see it, check this post to see what I did with all this stuff.

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