Thrifted finds in their homes

Posted on Sun, 15 Jul 2007 by KiM

Thought you might like to have a peek at where I put all the items I found while thrifting yesterday. (I need to pick up more black spray paint – you can make anything look good with that stuff).

(See Flickr for details)

julia says:

As usual everything looks awesome. Next time you go antiquing I’m coming too!

kim. says:

You should have come…then I probably would have spent half as much because half of this would be yours!

Jessie says:

Everything looks great!!! Your home is like a retro museum… lol 🙂

I love your in situ shots…great finds. There’s no keeping cats off the best seat in the house…I love your blog too!

amazing, love it so much, everything, but the credenza and the wall art…uhhmm, love it!

lsaspacey says:

I love that you gave the kitties “art to eat by” that they could relate to. Sweet.

kim. says:

Well, Isaspacey, kitties are people too 😉

kmacp says:

Hey I have those Warhol blocks too!
I never thought I’d see anything on this site that I owned, everything here looks too pretty 🙂

i absolutely love the black, white and turquoise. that is GORGEOUS!!

kim. says:

Thanks kmacp and c+k!

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