Paul Costello

Posted on Mon, 16 Jul 2007 by KiM

Thanks to photographer Paul Costello, I am determined to get myself a new camera for my birthday. A fancy schmancy one. Once I get this camera, I will stare at his photos for inspiration, so that I can, via osmosis perhaps, take beautiful photos too.

I LOVE Paul Costello’s photos! He captures these beautiful spaces in all their lush glory.

Le Lion says:

i am in love with all of this…

eric says:

who’s the posh fellow on the mirrored canopy? i’ve always admired paul’s work.

michelle says:

GAWD these are beautiful. I love that paint color behind those white build in shelves around the window, I never would have thought of that peachy brown, lavender-like color, but it is perfection.

Red frames on the wall – love that!

Love the lush yellow drapery and those red frames are fab!


kim. says:

And I’ve been painting all my mirrors black – maybe I should have been using red!

Eric I hope that was in jest! That my darling is the High Priest of Hollywood Regency, Miles Redd. Pay homage at his mirrored altar!

I love love love Paul Costello!! He is fantastic. I have already determined that when I am featured in InStyle Home he will be my photographer! 🙂 🙂

katiedid says:

He certainly gets the best jobs! Lovely, lovely photos!

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