Finola Inger

Posted on Tue, 17 Jul 2007 by KiM

When I came across Finola Inger’s website, I was so envious of her career as a stylist. To have access to such gorgeous items, and to display them in such a way that they photograph so beautifully. She’s had 9 years of experience, has worked for Elle Decoration and dabbled in trend prediction, art direction, interior design and shop design. Her talent is evident in these photos.

Hi Kim,

I love these shots so much going on, but all put together so well! NICE….


I remember seeing some of these in Elle decoration. Loved them then love them now. I think I started to love green again when I first saw those pictures. Finola has a great talent.

J Lee says:

Kim I absolutely love her!
Now where can I find a white rug like that in the first image…

great post!

kim. says:

Jenn – for a less shaggy one go to Can Tire and get the Debbie Travis one. I have it in my living room and LOVE it. Jo, I thought the same about green after seeing these in Elle Dec.

eric says:

i’ve always wondered how one gets started in this kind of profession. i would love to do this kind of work.

that first picture is so dreamy.

kim. says:

hey eric, if you find out let me know. i hate my job.

eric says:

ha. me too.

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