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Posted on Tue, 17 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

Images from Design Hub

Want to make your moving less arduous? Send your furniture to the upholsterer’s and let him deliver it when it’s done! I picked up 3 pieces of this Grant Featherston modular suite (2 single chairs and a corner) for about $60 AUS at a thrift store. Mine had been recovered at some stage in a horrid floral tapestry with ruffles at the base. Soon they will be sporting charcoal grey pinstripe wool. This is the starting point of my office. What would you do if you had these retro beauties in your office? (Please ignore if you think they are the most hideous things you have ever seen but they are in the permanent collection of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.)

Gareth says:

great find!

kim. says:

Still can’t believe you got them for $60. And I can’t wait to see them recovered. Grey will be fab.

Did you take pictures of the horrid ruffles? It boggles the mind….

Peggy says:

What a deal. Those are so cute. Are they comfortable? Are the walls of your office going to be pink?

Anonymous says:

I love them, and I love the idea of gray pinstripes. But I think I’d need to toss on some hot pink cushions to lighten things up a bit!

Kate says:

$60? You ladies sure do find some amazing deals! **jealous** 🙂

eric says:

can i work for you? what a find.

I didn’t take any before photos. It was too hideous and my husband was the one who surprised me by sending them to the upholsterer so I never will get the chance. Perhaps it’s for the best! Hideous hideous!!!!!

Amellia says:

These are actually very nice. I had a chance to get in touch with one of these and they were awesome.

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