Caldwell-Beebe Ltd.

Posted on Thu, 19 Jul 2007 by KiM

The firm of Caldwell-Beebe is internationally known, having been recognized in publications and on television. I would say their style is contemporary and timeless, but I think they say it better: “If we have a style, it is best termed “transitional” – a blend of old and new that grounds a room in an extraordinary way. We don’t do period rooms. While they’re beautiful, they are best suited to museums – not people with an active lifestyle. We create spaces that have a unique depth of authenticity – a presence, a patina, a degree of comfort – that is, in a word, magic.” Magical, and simply beautiful.

J Lee says:

very homey interiors. they look comfortable and warm. i would love to live in a space like that 🙂

great post.

Suzy says:

Great post, these rooms are beautiful. I’d never heard of that design firm before.

Wes says:

BEAUTIFUL! Im in love with these rooms.

I love the artwork and the airiness. Beautiful!

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