Posted on Sun, 22 Jul 2007 by KiM

Lisa, aka MissKittyKat on Flickr, made me a contact the other day and when I went poking around her pictures, I was floored by the photos of her home. They are so colourful and kitschy and fun I HAD to show off her fabulous space. Thanks Lisa!

Bhavna says:

Kim, I coulndn’t help but grin when I read this post’s heading. Check out my ‘published a second back’ post on ‘An Indian Summer’, and you will know why! 😉

Love the fun and bright colors!!

The colours are amazing and I spy so many religious statues!

Peggy says:

Beautiful use of colors!

katiedid says:

Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about! Loads of personality here. Love it!

kim. says:

Oh Bhavna, you’re getting a cat!! Hey, before you know it you might end up with 5 like me. So watch out.

i love peeking into someone else home, i love her Kitschy style


what a gorgeous home!! does she live in finland, btw? I can spot some finnish brand items there.

Lisa says:

no, Im from sweden, close enough 😉

Thanx everyone for all nice comments!

tavelhus says:

Very inspiering photos!

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