Elizabeth Felicella

Posted on Mon, 23 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

Elizabeth Felicella is a New York based architectural photographer. These beautiful images have an almost ethereal feel to them though they capture bricks and mortar. She stands apart and documents a space letting it take its own place and not her position.

kim. says:

Ethereal is right Jo. These are gorgeous. I especially love the closeup of the shelf lined with bowls/vases.

J Lee says:

the photographer has such a great eye …

i love her work.

Jaime says:

what is that stool/table thing in the top right photo? I love it.

kim. says:

I noticed that too Jaime – i’ll take it and the light in the 4th pic.

funny you should feature this. I’m working witha client now who builds custom homes. their challenge is finding a photographer who truly captures the essence of a space. a camera is a powerful tool that can actually manipulate (and elevate or downgrade) a space. although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, when your goal is to promote the accuracy of your work, it is artists such as Elizabet who offer soulful, vibrant images that best represent a client’s work

gorgeous images

Nikko says:

NICE! I love the high long and low coffee table pictured in the top left. Does anyone know the maker and style of those?

PH Baird says:

the photography is perfect!

danielle says:

Very beautiful images! I love the atmosphere that has been captured on all photos.

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