Topping up on Todd Oldham

Posted on Wed, 25 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

Renaissance man Todd Oldham is fashion designer, interior designer, la-z-boy lover, graphic designer and photographer. Kim posted previously here but I’ve just come across his photography portfolio at Marek and Associates. These are just a few.

J Lee says:

wow… what a mix of color, texture, print, and size! But it all works so well together… now that’s talent!

kim. says:

Is he ever multi-talented. These are really good photos….and fabulous spaces to boot. What fun colours.

Sarah says:

Wow…this is how I want “my” home to look. All of that light and color! Too bad I have late 1950’s-style windows that barely let in any light!

drey says:

wow the colours, patterns, textures…. what a fun idea cutting out circles in cacti!!! trying to take it all in!

Amy says:

I was lucky enough to meet him when he gave a lecture at our college several years ago. He’s such an inspiration.
One thing he stressed to us is that “Opinions can’t hurt you, they just float there.”
Another was that you can start anytime, anywhere, on any budget; He started out selling fabrics which he’d bought cheaply, and hand-dyed in his grandmother’s bathtub!

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