Posted on Fri, 27 Jul 2007 by midcenturyjo

I was looking for photos of my favourite Frank Lloyd Wright building, Fallingwater when I came across these by Galen Frysinger, retired scientist and world traveller. He provides us with a view of this modernist classic that is human and everyday. You feel as if the owners have just stepped out of the room to make some tea. So much more intimate than the official images. Where else would you see the woven cane airing shelves and the hot water/drinks heater by the fireplace.

Images from Galen Frysinger

lottie says:

Two words: dream house….

kim. says:

I’m with you lottie – what a beautiful house…with some wild retro furniture!

It’s just a treat for the eyes isn’t it!

michelle says:

Oh wow, you know I had never seen photos of the inside before! I love it, thanks.

Peggy says:

I want to live there!

J Lee says:

i have the pleasure of visiting fallwater my last year at design school and if you think the images are great, being inside is like being in another world… great images!!!


Diana says:

Thank you so much for posting these photos — they really give Fallingwater a human scale and they show things that more “official” photographers probably felt were too mundane to include. Bravo!

One of my favorites… Lloyd!!
He’s in other level

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