Posted on Sun, 29 Jul 2007 by KiM

Yes, folks, our blogroll has finally been updated. Thanks to everyone who wrote to us with links to their blogs. I think we’ve got a pretty good list going now, and it’s subject to a couple minor changes along the way as well.

Since all of our posts feature some sort of photo, I thought I’d add photos I took yesterday of my Morrisburg antique fair finds. Nothing too exciting this time around, but my wallet is thanking me for that.

drey says:

i LOVe that floral wooden/brass thing? i’d be painting it red and perhaps that butterfly at the bottom turquoise (or change my mind 50 times before actually buying the paint!)

I hope everyone enjoys the new blogs on the blogroll! And Kim I’ve already told you I want that west german vase so if you wouldn’t mind mailing it to me …..

kim. says:

drey – it’s plastic painted to look like wood. I LOVE your idea of painting the butterfly a different colour than the rest. Jo – FORGET ABOUT IT. 🙂 You have enough of your own WG pottery.

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