Fernlund + Logan Architects

Posted on Mon, 30 Jul 2007 by KiM

Fernlund + Logan Architects was established in New York in 1992 by Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan. Their residential and commercial work has been published on numerous occasions, including in Dwell, Interior Design, The World of Interiors and the New York Times. I think I love their portfolio so much because their designs are simple which allows the furnishings to play a larger part in the design.

PH Baird says:

I love all of your posts, but I am IN LOVE with this one…ahh.

Beautifully simple spaces, open and light. I particularly like the kitchen in the last photo.

Bhavna says:

Breathtaking images! Love the first and the last one.

susan says:

Pardon me while I go a little nutty here. I’m having a huge reaction to that last kitchen on the bottom right. You know when something grabs you? To me, this is the epitome of when we say a kitchen can be like “furniture.” I can hardly see it, it’s way in the background, but it just looks like furniture, I can’t evem say much more. I really really like it!

giorgia says:

OT: hey, what happened to the Eric Roth post? I can view it via feed reader, but can’t find it anywhere here…

Giorgia Eric escaped while blogger and I were having issues. He wasn’t due to go up until Wednesday but I guess he needs to go up now.

giorgia says:

hehe, ok then – just as long it wasn’t mee having hallucinations… 😀
(back to lurking mode)

You’re out now Giorgia. There’s no going back to lurking 🙂

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