Shannon Fricke and her Sense of Style

Posted on Mon, 6 Aug 2007 by midcenturyjo

A little while ago I featured a photographer, Prue Ruscoe whose work I adore. My favourite pictures of Prue’s appear in one of my favourite books, A Sense of Style. Colour, by Shannon Fricke, interior stylist, TV presenter and now regular contributor to Inside Out. My copy is well worn and well used. Shannon was kind enough to email thanking me for mentioning her book and with the news that she has a new book, Sense of Style. Space. These are the images she sent to share. In her first book she explores the world of colour, revelling in its cheekiness and life enriching beauty. Her books, while informative, are joyous celebrations of life, style and lifestyle. Each is a feast for the eyes with glorious photos of homes, mood boards and vignettes styled by Shannon. Her new book takes us on a journey through space, sacred, personal, transitional and functional spaces. Once again her insightful holistic approach is matched by Prue’s stunning photographs. If you find her books I know they will become well used sources of inspiration. Both books can be found readily in Australian bookstores and here. Unfortunately both are not yet available in America but that’s what online ordering is for!

Images above by Prue Ruscoe courtesy of Shannon Fricke. Don’t forget to click on these to supersize.

Images from Prue Ruscoe’s portfolio at The Names Agency

P.S. Thank you so much for the copy of the new book Shannon. It’s gorgeous from cover to cover!

Carrie says:

OMG! I have that first book and I love it. Soooooo beautiful. Thanks for letting me know about the new one.

angieB says:

oh yes gorgeous.

kim. says:

Those photos are incredible…I REALLY want those books! How sweet of Shannon to send you a copy. Yes, I am a wee bit jealous.

erinn says:

Oh, swoon. I am definitely adding these books to my reference library!

Sue Anne says:

Not available in the States. Looks like I’ll have to order online. Thanks for sharing.

poppy says:


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