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Posted on Tue, 7 Aug 2007 by KiM

I have been busy the last month or trying to get my backyard in some sort of reasonable state. Thanks to my dad’s HUGE help, it’s finally done (well, about 95% done). I hired someone to build the fence and the deck, and the rest was done by my dad and I on my Mondays off and my boyfriend helped on weekends. My dad rocks. For an old guy, he sure worked his ass off. So I figured I had to toot my own horn a bit and show you the results. (Since it’s into August, the planting is at a minimum and we don’t have much furniture/accessories but it’s a start).

kim. says:

Thanks Jaime!

drey says:

you got rid of the grass!!!! i love the fence and chairs… i wish there were way more grass!! although of course it’s clearly a space for entertaining rather than teaching kids to eat slugs and snails and letting them run naked on the grass in summers 😛

kim. says:

My yard is no longer very kid-friendly. I imagine a kid could run off the deck and crack their skull open on the stones but alas, I have no kids (*PHEW*). We didn’t really have grass to begin with – it was pretty much all weeds.

katiedid says:

You are giving me much needed hope for our dirt patch of a back yard (the remodel ahs taken it’s tole!) It looks fantastic!

Affinity says:

hey i love your blog! so many nice photos to drool over.
and your new yard looks great! i like the woody woody feel of the fence and the planters along the side. how i wish i got a yard to decorate:(

Jessie says:

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish I could get those chairs from IKEA! 🙁 It looks so pretty and mod,….you should be so very proud!!!! Great job!!!!

kim. says:

Thanks katiedid, Affinity and Jessie. Now who’s bringing the beer to christen this yard of mine?!?!

Just gorgeous!
The new deck and stairs are such a smart way to do it..the space was just asking for that.
Lovely, bright, simple and beautiful area. It looks to be fantastic for entertaining and low-maintenance. The cool thing is that if you want more green, you can always add potted plants later.
GREAT job!

I’m a fan of your blog, but usually I’m just soaking up the inspiration in the shadows.
Take care,
“Mrs. Frisky”

kim. says:

Thanks Mrs. Frisky (LOL…and thanks for leaving a comment!)


wow, great job, kim!

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